Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Crib

This cake was done for a baby shower for my friend. The crib rails are chocolate, and the baby is from a fondant mold (which I now love...I want to buy tons and tons of molds now!)

Cinderella doll cake

My daughter loves Cinderella. For her 3rd birthday this is what she asked for. It was just a small party so we still have cake left over days later (not that I'm complaining!)

The cinderella doll in the center was one of her gifts. This isn't the best picture, sorry!

Airplane Cake

This was for my sweet little nephew, Isaac. He was turning one and his mom wanted an airplane cake. I loved the bright colors of this one! So cute for a boys first birthday. The little cupcake was for Isaac to smash...and smash he did! blue icing everywhere!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toy Story II

Ok, so this isn't really of Toy Story 2 but my second Toy Story cake! Quinn couldn't decide what his favorite characters were so I added as many as I could fit. I believe I have now fallen in love with painting on cakes! It was fast, fun, effective, and came out great!

Oh, and I invented a new recipe for Cookies and cream filling that's to die for. My new favorite filling!!!! Pair it with the chocolate/chocolate chip cake and well...and let's just say I hope they serve this in Heaven!


This cake was made for a Bridal Shower that happened to be close to Valentine's Day. Since they were going with the Valentine's theme for the decor, I suggested we make a conversation hearts cake and feature the bride and groom, their wedding date, honeymoon location, etc. on the hearts. It turned out great! My only regret was that since the temperature here was freezing, my garage fridge was so cold it was like putting the cake in the freezer overnight (the filling needed refrigeration). When I pulled it out in the morning for delivery, the black lettering on the side began to bleed from the fondant sweating. grrrrr!!!! but it could have been worse! At least the rest of the stuff stayed need and clean.

I learned a lot with this one too.  1. that the Aussie cake makers have it right! Ganache under fondant is so much easier to work with!!!! 2. in making a box like this, royal icing can work like spackle and fill cracks and corners! 3. white food coloring is AWESOME!!!! Gotta give God the credit on this one. I tried a lot of new techniques, which could have gone badly, but He definitely helped me through this one. (especially when working on it at 4:00am when the mind wasn't quite so sharp!)